Almond Oil
prunus amygdalus

It helps to leave the skin soft and satiny smooth yet it is non-greasy and easily absorbed.


Ingredients: 100% pure cold pressed sweet almond oil.
INCI: prunus amygdalus dulcis oil.
Origin: USA.
Certificate: organic.

Is obtained from seeds of sweet almond by using method of cold pressing. Light nourishing oil. Contains vitamin Е which is natural antioxidant slowing down aging of cells and removing inflammatory processes on skin, and also vitamin F which normalizes function of sebaceous glands and prevents pore widening, promotes hair growth and saves their elasticity and shine.

Effect: anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, nourishing and moisturizing oil, antiburn, analgesic and soften.

✓ to care of blemished (inflamed) body areas and inclined to reduction flexibility;
✓ dry and normal fatigued, loose skin (enlivens skin and smoothes wrinkles on a body and face, especially around the eyes);
✓ to care of sensitive, inclined to irritation skin and visible vascular pattern on skin, gives skin velvet tint and nice smooth colour;
✓ sun and home thermal burns, small traumas skin;
✓ sprain of ligaments;
✓ coarse skin and cellulite;
✓ dry dermatitis, herpes;
✓ dry and oily hair;
✓ hair loss.

Methods of external application.
Almond oil can be used in pure form for care of body, face, hands skin and hair, for enrichment cosmetic preparations: creams, masks, shampoos, gels, lotions, and also as blend with other vegetable oil and as a base – carrier for dissolution of natural essential oils, some medicinal and cosmetic preparations.

Enrichment cosmetic preparations
Almond oil can be used in liquid creams, shampoo, lotions, gels, sunscreen lotions in proportion: for dry skin and hair 7 ml of almond oil on 100 ml makeup preparation; for normal skin and hair – 5 ml, for oily hair – 3 ml, 15-20 ml on 100 ml of sunscreen cosmetics.

For massage neck and face in dry skin to 1 tablespoon of almond oil or it’s blend with jojoba oil, avocado or wheat germ oil (1:1) add 1-2 drops each of rose and sandalwood or sandalwood and neroli essential oils; in oily skin – 1-2 drops ylang-ylang, grapefruit and bergamot essential oils. It’s good to blend almond oil with jojoba oil in the same proportions and, preliminarily warm blend to the temperature 37-38 °C, use during 1-2 min for massage face and neck. Promotes wrinkles smoothing and makes tonic action.

Almond oil, enriched with essential oils (on 1 tablespoon – 1-2 drops) orange, patchouli, rosemary, juniper, sandalwood, grapefruit – excellent remedy for profound massage in cellulite.

Masks and application
Almond oil can be used in tonic masks for any skin type. Base – gruel from oatmeal (2-3 tablespoons of oatmeal dilute with hot water until you get a creamy mass), add to the base 5-10 ml of almond oil and 2-3 drops each of lemon, rose and sandalwood essential oils, or 1-2 drops each of sandalwood, orange, patchouli and rosewood essential oils.

Hot oil mask
On cotton tissue moisten in hot water and wrung, apply 20-25 ml of almond oil, apply on face and neck for 20-30 min, cover with towel. To preserve elasticity and skin flexibility it is recommended to make such procedures 1-2 times a month. This mask especially prescribed in age-related changes of skin to reduce negative consequences of influence of artificial cosmetic preparations.
In loose, dry and desquamative skin: to 1 tablespoon of almond oil add 1 drop each of limette, rose and sandalwood essential oils.
In rough skin: to 1 tablespoon of almond oil add 1 drop each of cypress, lavender, rose, lemon or limette essential oils.
In herpetic rash: blend almond oil with lavender or tea tree essential oil, or ylang-ylang, or camomile in the same proportions. Smear herpetic rash 4-5 times a day.
In burns: on affected parts of skin apply pure almond oil or its blend with wheat germ oil (1:1), or with adding to 1 tablespoon of base oil 2-3 drops each of lemon, juniper or geranium, grapefruit, rose essential oils.

Applications in sprain of ligaments
On injured areas 1-2 times a day for 20-25 min apply tissues, impregnated with almond oil in pure form or with adding to 1 tablespoon of base 2-3 drops each of lavender or origanum and cloves essential oils.

For hair
For oily hair almond oil is used in pure form: before washing hair rub few drops of oil starting from roots to the ends of hair. In dry hair rub oil after washing hair in moist warm hair in the same way. For more intense effect add to almond oil or its blend with jojoba oil next essential oils: for oily hair – on 1 tablespoon of base 2 drops each of cedar or cypress, or bergamot and lemon essential oil.
For dry hair: 2 drops each of orange essential oil and ylang-ylang, or mandarin and sandalwood. These compositions can be used for spreading on the comb and combing hair 2-3 times a day.

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