Avocado Oil
persea gratissima

It is often used for dry or mature skin, and is very useful when treating sun or climate damaged skin that is dehydrated and undernourished.


Ingredients: 100% pure cold pressed avocado oil.
INCI: persea gratissima oil.
Origin: Brazil.
Certificate: organic.

Is obtained from fruits of evergreen macrotherm avocado (alligator pear) by using method of cold pressing. Oil with thick consistency, rich in vitamins, has high penetrating power and regenerative properties.

Effect: moisturizing, regenerative, protective for skin and hair, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating.

✓ to care of dry, fading skin;
✓ wrinkles;
✓ for prompt recovery of continuity and homogeneity of skin in small traumas, inflammations, overdrying;
✓ for hair care, especially coloured hair;
✓ for nails strengthening and growth, for elimination inflammation of nail wall;
✓ inflammation and gingival hemorrhage, parodontosis;
✓ for recovery skin elasticity;
✓ cellulite.

Methods of external application. Can be used in pure form or as blend with one of vegetable oils (almond, grape seed oil) in proportion of 1:1, and also with adding essential oils.

Enrichment of cosmetic preparations
To 10 g of cream or 10 ml of tonic or 10 ml of lotion add 10 drops of avocado oil or 7-10 ml avocado oil on 100 ml of shampoo or hair balsam. Removes hair fragility and trichoptilosis, gives hair natural shine.

Pure avocado oil or enriched with essential oils: on 1-2 tablespoons of a base add 2-3 drops each of geranium, juniper, lemon and fennel essential oils or lavender, rosemary and cypress oils. Use it every other day for rigorous massage of coarse skin areas and in cellulite.

Masks, applications
Avocado oil is used in pure form, as blend with other vegetable oils or as a base for essential oils. To 1 tablespoon of base oil add 1-2 drops each of sandalwood, rose, orange or camomile essential oils. It is prescribed in dry, fading, loose, inflamed or injured skin, and also in wrinkles around the eyes. Apply tissues, impregnated with oil, on problem areas of the skin for 15-30 min 1-2 times a day. After 3-5 procedures recovers skin homogeneity, skin looks much healthy and fresh. The wrinkles are smoothed away.

Applications on gums
Avocado oil is used in pure form or in blend with other vegetable oil (1:1), or with adding to 1 tablespoon of base 1-2 drops of essential oil or composition of essential oils: orange, lavender or tea tree (1:1:1). Apply cotton wool or gauze tampon, saturated one of mentioned blends on inflamed gums for 15-20 min 1-2 times a day.

Nail care
Avocado oil in pure form or as blend 1:1 with one of vegetable oils (almond, jojoba), or with addition to 1 tablespoon of base 2-3 drops each of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, or rosemary, patchouli and chamomile essential oils, or thyme and lavender oils. Daily apply oil on nails and easily massage nail and nail wall during 15-20 min. It is desirable to make mentioned procedure every day before nails painting.

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100 ml, 30 ml

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