Body Scrub
with exotic spices

Very gentle scrub for sensitive skin, melting at contact with your skin.

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Aroma: exotic, spice.

Scrub with oriental spices is unlike to the others. It is based on solid organic oils that are melt on contact with the body, providing skin with maximum nutrients. Scrubs should be washed with warm water and soap or shower gel, our other scrubs are washed without soap. Incredible softness and velvety mildness is the result of use of this product!

It is ideal for sensitive skin. Very delicate because of cardamon, ginger, and nutmeg powder abrasives, gives the skin an exclusive luxury fragrance together with essential oils. More soften than sugar scrubs and perfect for toning massage.

How to use?
Warm up in hands and gently by massaging motions lubricate into moist skin. Rinse with warm water and soap or shower gel. It is not necessary to use the cream after use of this scrub; the skin becomes soft and moisturized.

Ingredients: cocoa butter*, shea butter*, coconut oil*, cinnamon powder*, vanilla*, ginger root*, geranium essential oil*, coriander powder*, orange essential oil*, patchouli essential oil*, clove bud powder*, nutmeg powder*, vitamin E*.

* organic certified components

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