Essential oil nebulizing diffuser (black)
for home & car

This special technology essential oil diffuser works without water and oil heating, using only compressed cold air. Allows you to enjoy the aroma wherever there is a USB port.

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The stylish essential oil nebulizer with a modern design is designed to aromatize indoor air and due to its compact size is convenient for use in the car office or home. The nebulizer converts the essential oils into an aromatic mist without the aid of water and heating the oil using only compressed cold air. The nebulizer emits the aroma quickly and allows you to adjust its strength. Essential oils can be easily changed depending on your mood to create a particularly cozy environment.

This evaporator is supplied with a USB power plug (not an electrical adapter). Made of high quality aluminum alloy.

This steamer is a great gift for those who appreciate health and aesthetics.

How to use?
Add 2-10 ml of your favorite essential oil to a glass container, turn on the evaporator and enjoy the aroma and cleaner air. Choose different aromas to relax, concentrate or get another aromatherapy effect. Use only quality 100% natural essential oils.

✓ automatic shutdown (after 1 hour)
✓ 2 guidance modes
✓ 20 ml glass container for essential oils
✓ extremely quiet, works without water
✓ no humidifier, so it is perfect for cars
✓ intensively aromatizes the air, suitable for rooms up to 50 m2

Equipment: diffuser + USB charging cable + manual

The device has a 2-year warranty.

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