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1 sample per each order

Can’t decide which essential oil to choose? Choose a sample of essential oil and we will add it to your parcel.

You have a great opportunity to try a fragrance you haven’t tried before! You can choose one free sample of essential oil for each of your orders.

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Essential oils

Basil oil, Bergamot oil, Black pepper oil, Cedarwood oil, Cinnamon bark oil, Citronella oil, Clary sage oil, Clove oil, Coriander oil, Cypress oil, Eukaliptus oil, Fennel oil, Fir needle oil, Frankincense oil, Ginger oil, Greipfruit oil, Juniper oil, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Lime oil, Mugwort oil, Nutmeg oil, Oregano oil, Palmarosa oil, Patchouli oil, Pine needle oil, Rosemary oil, Sandalwood oil, Sweet orange oil, Tangerine oil, Tea tree oil, Thyme oil, Wild mint oil, Ylang ylang oil


1 ml

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