Palm Oil
elaeis guineensis

It has a unique composition that makes it a perfect skin care product. It is used for strengthening nails, eliminating hair fragility.


100 ml



Ingredients: 100% pure cold pressed palm oil.
INCI: elaeis guineensis oil.
Origin: Malaysia.
Certificate: organic.

Palm oil is obtained from pericarp of oil-palm fruits Elais guineensis of Arecoideae family by using method of pressing. It has white or yellow colour, dense consistence. With its smell and taste it remains nuts.

Archeological excavations showed that palm oil was used for food even 5 thousands years ago. During centuries oil-palm was the main source of fats for indigenes. They were using palm oil for food, for body care, for dwelling lighting.

Chemical composition of palm oil close to structure of lipid layer coating human skin and that’s why it is perfect preparation for skin care. It contains 40% of monounsaturated fatty acids (generally palmitic), carotenes, triglycerides of oleic (40%) and other fatty acids. Palm oil is stable enough against oxidation, has long shelf life.

In modern medicine palm oil is used for preparing ointments, suppositories. In addition, it is widely used in cosmetic practice. Palm oil activates lipid metabolism in skin, perfectly eliminates dryness and desquamation, protects from dehydration, accelerates wounds healing, protects from harmful influence of ultraviolet radiation. Oil is natural skin “conditioner”, perfectly softens, makes it smooth, healthy and young.

Properties: anti-oxidant, soften, anti-inflammatory, nutritious, moisturizing, tonic (for skin), wound healing.

It is recommended:
✓ for hair care;
✓ for everyday skin care of face, neck, body (improves complexion; as preventive measures of wilting and skin aging, wrinkles elimination; increasing skin flexibility);
✓ for elimination small traumas, desquamation, fissures on face and body;
✓ for daily hand care and foot care, for softening coarse parts of skin;
✓ for strengthening nails, eliminating hair fragility.

Methods of external application
Palm oil can be used as applications, masks, smearings in pure form, composed in blends with other oils, as base oil for making compositions with natural essential oils, for preparing massage and cosmetic blends, for enrichment ready cosmetic preparations: creams, masks, shampoos, balsams.

Apply few drops of oil on fingertips and rub in skin with a gentle massage motions. For aroma massage to 1 tablespoon of palm oil add 1-2 drops essential oils (according to prescription).

Enrichment cosmetic preparations
To 10 g of cream, 10 ml of tonic or lotion add 5-10 ml of palm oil. Promotes regeneration scalp and hair, recovery lipid barrier of epidermis, prevents irritation, itch and desquamation. It is recommended to use these remedies for everyday care.

Masks, applications, smearings
Palm oil can be used in pure form or as blend with one of vegetable oils, in the proportion of 1:1 also in aroma blends with adding 3-5 drops of oil on 1 tablespoon of fat base oil. Apply tissues, impregnated with oil, on problem areas of the skin for 10 – 20 min 1-2 times a day or smear 3-4 times a day.

Hand care and nails care
With pure oil or its blend with one of the fat oils (in the proportion of 1:1) apply on hands, nails and nail wall 1-2 times a day. It is effectively for elimination redness and inflammations of hands skin, in nails fragility, for treatment fissures, protecting from premature aging. For preventive care rub hands and nails with oil after shower 3 – 4 times a day.

Hair care
Mix palm oil with hair balsam in the proportion of 1:10, apply on a hair, rub with a gentle motions and leave for 5-10 min, then wash. It’s great nutritious remedy for dry and fragile hair. Gives hair healthy look and shine.

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100 ml

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