STILIUS Essential Oil Diffuser (light wood)
with humidifier function


Modern design essential oil diffuser with soft air humidification function and convenient functionality.


This aroma diffuser is a great decoration for any interior creating a relaxing and calm atmosphere. It stands out from other models with a large water tank of 400 ml which is enough for a long time and switchs off automatically when the water container is empty. Ultrasound technology is used to evaporate essential oils and water, therefore it begins to work quickly without any water heating and save the delicate aroma and aromatherapy effect of essential oils. The cold aromatic mist released cleans and gently moisturizes the room air.

The essential oil diffuser is made of a material resistant to essential oils and heat, which does not contain residues of harmful substances (bisphenol).

✓ color lighting (7 colors)
✓ automatic shutdown
✓ setting the operating time (1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or indefinitely)
✓ 400 ml water capacity
✓ silent
✓ suitable for rooms up to 30 m2
✓ soft humidification (water consumption 30 ml/h)

The set includes: diffuser + EU adapter (220V) + measure cup + user manual

We provide a 2-year warranty on this device.

Weight N/A

light wood

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