About us

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About us
Our cosmetics not just contains, but entirely consists of natural ingredients. We use only organic and naturally grown ingredients. For us, the most important thing in the composition of products is their naturalness and safety. Saflora products are cosmetics made using modern production methods, created by scientists, and are the result of careful research, knowledge and experience. We constantly follow scientific inventions in this field thanks to which our manufactured product could solve skin care problems or improve the condition of the skin.
Each our product is made only according to our unique recipe, which we carefully analyze and constantly improve. Our goal is to create products, meeting individual structural characteristics of the skin.
About production
The production process and quality control organization is provided in accordance with the requirements of European standard EN ISO 22716:2007 „Cosmetics - Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP). We have strict requirements for the quality of the raw materials used and check their microbiological purity, the absence of allergens and harmful impurities in their composition. As a result, we use almost all ingredients from organic farms. All materials that are used for production and tools are approved by public health center. Our products are manufactured only by qualified specialists, and the safety of each product formula is tested according to EU regulation no. 1223/2009, the possibility of contraindications has been evaluated and the ingredients of the products have not been tested on animals.
Attention to details
The quality of the raw material is one of our most important criteria, because low-quality raw material (even with the "organic" certificate) may not only not provide valuable cosmetic properties, but may also harm health. Therefore, we work only with reliable suppliers who perform advanced physico-chemical analysis of their raw materials. However, we do not limit ourselves to their documents and check authenticity and compliance with quality requirements in our laboratory.
Carrier and essential oils are the main ingredients of our cosmetics, which are presented in a wide range in our shop. They have the following quality certificates:
The production of our cosmetics is based on the principle of responsibility. For each product, we can restore all data about its production, as well as the ingredients used for production. Quality control at every stage of production guarantees compliance with the highest standards of natural and organic cosmetics.
Taking care of your skin in a natural way is the way to beauty and health. We are sure that the obtained results will meet your expectations!