Natural soaps set

A set of matured natural shea butter based soaps with different aromas. Produced by the cold process.



The set includes:
Soap “Baltic Amber” – 100 g
Soap “Bouquet of Roses” – 100 g
Soap “Provence Lavender” – 100 g
Soap „Red Orange“ – 100 g

Handmade soaps made only from natural oils according to a unique recipe. Thanks to a long maturation process of at least 1 month has an extremely gentle effect on the skin and acquires its other best properties – firmness, creamy consistency foam and dermatological safety.

Not one of the components was heated above 40 °C during production in order to save all valuable properties.

Do you know? We tested 140 different recipes using a wide variety of oils to create the recipe we use to make our soaps. According to one – the soap dried the skin too much, the other – the soap slipped in the hands or swelled too much and was used up quickly. We found this recipe more than 15 years ago and we have not seen anything better from many attempts to this day. More than half of its basis is shea butter which contains up to 2% of unsaponifiable components, which give the soap softness and a skin-nourishing effect.

How to use?
Protect from direct sunlight. When in use, it is best to store in a dry soap dish.

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