Basil oil

An excellent odor neutralizing agent, widely used in body and oral care products. It helps against acne. Used for relaxing massage and for hair care.

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Ingredients: ocimum basilicum oil (100% pure organic basil essential oil).

Origin: India.

Essential oil quality certificates: COSMOS APPROVED Ecocert raw materials (organic and natural cosmetics), IFS 6.0 (food quality and safety), GMP + B1 (animal feed safety), FSSC 22000 (food safety), MyClimate (100% sustainable, climate-neutral production process).

Method of extraction: the essential oil is obtained by steam distillation from fresh sweet basil Ocimum basilicum leaves.

Aroma: intensive, specific for basil leaves, spicy.

In ayurveda basil is revered as „the elixir of life“ and is believed to prolong life. Basil extracts has been used in traditional Ayurveda medicine, Himalayan, Chinese and Mediterranean medicine for colds, headache, stomach disorders, inflammation, heart disease, various poisonings, malaria [1]. Simple tea made with basil leaves helps with a cold or flu case. According to modern basil extract studies, basil oil has been effectively used as remeady for the treatment of DNA viruses. But no activity was noted for the essential oil because it does not contain ursolic acid and apigenin, which are responsible for basil antiviral effects [2].

Basil oil is widely used in cosmetics as odor reducing ingredient due to impressive antimicrobial activity. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi that cause unpleasant odors. Therefore, it is used in the manufacture of body or foot creams and dental and oral care products [3]. The refreshing scent of this oil allows to use it not only as an active additive, but also as a pleasant fragrance.

Basil and thyme essential oils can be used to protect the skin from pathogenic bacteria that develop during food spoilage [4]. Studies have shown that these oils help to clean objects and protect the skin of hands from food-borne pathogens when it’s included in the water used to wash dishes and surfaces [5].

Massage with basil oil helps to relax muscles, tense areas and feel immediate relief. You can combine a few drops of basil oil with coconut or almond oil and use for massage or add to your bath salt.

Basil essential oil can repel mosquitoes and help to prevent bug bites [6]. Also it helps soothe the skin after insect bites [7]. Dilute several drops of basil essential oils with carrier oil and massage into skin or swollen bites as needed.

Basil oil is a keratolytic – a substance that helps remove dead skin cells of epidermis, making it an effective additive for cosmetics against acne [8]. A study has shown an improvement in skin condition of 43-75% of the total acne-affected skin area after application of the product with basil oil. Side effects (burning and redness) disappeared within a few minutes of completing the application. Therefore, we do not recommend use it for sensitive skin care and skin around the eyes.

To prevent hair loss and dandruff, use a toning mixture with 3 drops of basil oil and 10 ml of alcohol. The mixture is rubbed into the scalp 15-20 minutes before washing [9].

✓ for face, lips and body care – mix 1 drop of essential oil with 15 g of base (almond, grape seeds or other carrier oil)
✓ for dental care – mix 2-3 drops of essential oil with 10-15 g of base
✓ for massage oil – mix 1-2 drops of essential oil with 15 g of base
✓ In case of acne – mix 2 drops of essential oil with 10 g of base
✓ for hair care – mix 2-3 drops of essential oil with 10-15 g of base
✓ for bath – mix 3-4 drops of essential oil with 1 tablespoon of milk, honey or sea salt, add to warm water and allow dissolve. Soak in the tub for 10-15 min.
✓ essential oils can be diffused throughout your home using an oil diffuser or vaporizer

Contraindications: Do not use in case of individual intolerance and for sensitive and children’s skin care. It should be diluted before applying to your skin. It can cause allergic skin reactions so be sure to do a patch test before applying it topically.

Analytical quality control:

Kokybės kontrolė Basil essential oil (GCMS analysis)
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