Castor Oil

It recommended against hair loss, thinning, for hair strengthening and nourishing, also for eyebrow and eyelash care and stimulation of growth. Makes the hair shine. It softens and protects the lip skin against flaking and drying.

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Ingredients: ricinus communis seed oil (100% pure cold pressed unrefined castor oil).
Origin: India.
Method of extraction: castor oil is obtained by cold pressing from the seeds of the castor plant Ricinus Communis L. The oil we supply is unrefined (virgin) and meets pharmacopoeial standards.

Many of the exceptional properties of castor oil are due to its unique composition. It consists of more than 90% glycerides of ricinoleic acid, which absorb UVB rays, allowing the use of castor oil as a UV filter to protect the skin from the appearance of pigment spots. Ricinoleic acid itself reduces the synthesis of PGD2 prostaglandin, which slows hair growth, and therefore promotes hair growth when there is a sign of baldness, hair loss and thinning, which are associated with changes in hormone levels in the body. Castor oil is recommended for the care, strengthening and nourishing of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Castor oil increases the shine of hair. Recently was carried out the study of the optical properties of hair of different colors – from light to dark brown. According to the results, their reflective properties increase with the use of castor oil, depending on the pigmentation – the shine is more intensive for hair with higher pigmentation level.

The ricinoleic acid in castor oil has the property reduce inflammation and discomfort of irritated skin. Due to its ability to soften the skin well, this oil is used to soften scabs and eradicate them. Gives the skin of the feet softness, removes fatigue.

Castor oil is especially popular for lip care. Covers the lips skin with a film that protects them from scaling, drying, cold weather and negative effects of the environment.

Castor oil is viscous, thick liquid, that make it difficult to rinse off with thin hair. For ease of use can be mixed with other base oils, e.g. with argan or coconut oil. Slowly penetrates the skin, but facilitates the entry of other active substances into the skin. An excellent base oil for blends with essential oils for hair growth.

Castor oil does not irritate the skin, but it is not recommended for skin prone to dermatitis, extremely sensitive and for skin with comedones.

It is used alone or in a mixture with other carrier and essential oils. Used for applications, bandages, lubrications, massages and cosmetics enrichment.

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