Exotic delicacy

Definitely, for lovers of exotic delicacies – sweet, ripe pineapple with a tint of exotic candied fruits aromas. Children will definitely like it but also good for flavoring the air in the living room and kitchen.


The perfume oil is made from 100% natural flavors extracted from plants. Suitable for use in diffusers, nebulizers and aroma lamps.

The predominant note of this aroma is pineapple. It is really expressive, delicious, will fill the air of your home with notes of tropical fruits and even in winter you will feel the sun, sand and sea of those distant lands.

How to use?
Add 4-7 drops (per 15 m2) of perfume oil to the water tank of the diffuser, turn on and enjoy the aroma. Pure perfume oil can be added to the nebulizer.

You can also try our pure essential oils for home flavoring, which are also suitable for diffusers.

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