LOTUS ceramic ultrasonic vaporizer

Essential oil vaporizer with elegant design, made of quality materials, very quiet.


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An elegant, extremely quiet vaporizer (diffuser) with a glass hood, which is perfect for use in the bedroom, living room or workplace, creates comfort and coziness in your home or work. Thanks to the ultrasonic vaporization technology, a cold mist is emitted, which aromatizes the air.

How to use?
Add 3-7 drops of your favorite essential oil to a container of water, turn on the vaporizer and enjoy the aroma and cleaner air. Choose from different aromas for relaxation, concentration or other aromatherapy effects. Use only high-quality, 100% natural essential oils.

✓ 200 ml water capacity
✓ quiet
✓ designed for rooms up to 12 m2

Equipment: diffuser + mat + charger (220V) + Lithuanian user manual

The device has a 2-year warranty. You can find more about warranty service here.

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