Shower gels set

Pamper yourself with different aromas every day. The shower gels have a natural composition, gentle and safe for the skin. Their wonderful aromas are created by perfumers from organic raw materials.



Very gentle body wash is made with organic tea tree essential oil, coconut oil and soapwort root extract. Do not contains SLS, sulfates and parabens.

✓ gently cleanses, lather-rich
✓ non-drying, for sensitive skin
✓ leaves behind a delicate scent

Soapwort extract is one of the main ingredients in our shampoos and shower gels, so we produce and control its quality in our own laboratory. Do you know what makes soapwort root extract so special?

✓ Due to the saponins it not only foams well, but compared to other detergents commonly used in the industry (sodium lauryl sulfate, carboxylates, glutamates, succinates, etc.), it stands out for its particularly gentle effect. These are non-ionic surfactants that are easily washed off and have less impact on the skin’s barrier functions. Therefore, products based on soapwort extract are suitable for the care of dry and sensitive skin, as well as for dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.
✓ Saponins have been observed in many studies to be toxic to bacteria and fungi, and its solutions have antiseptic and fungicidal properties.
✓ It is important that saponins and other components of the extract are safe for nature and not harmful to the environment.

The set includes:
1. Shower Gel “Lemon” – 250 ml
2. Shower Gel “Peach” – 250 ml
3. Shower Gel “Tea Tree” – 250 ml

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