Amyris Oil

This oil can assist with chapped, dry or inflamed skin and has wonderful moisturizing and hydrating properties, which are great for anti-ageing skincare. The toning effect is useful when fighting oily skin.

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Ingredients: 100% pure amyris essential oil.
INCI name: amyris balsamifera oil.
Common Method Of Extraction: steam distillation of the wood.
Origin: Haiti.
Certificate: organic.
Aroma: has a woody, exotic smell, subtle and lingering.
Note: Middle.
Precautions: it is considered a non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing oil.

Although expensive, this oil has wonderful qualities for relieving both chest and urinary tract infections, while assisting the skin in promoting hydration and moisture and for the mind it creates a calming and harmonizing effect, while reducing tension and confusion.

It can take thirty to sixty years for a tree to reach full maturity, when it is cut and distilled and the yellowish wood is sold in thin scrapings. The documented use of the wood goes back 4000 years and caravans carrying this wood from India to Egypt, Greece and Rome were a familiar sight. Many temples were built from the wood and the Egyptians used the oil in embalming.

This relaxing oil has a harmonizing and calming effect which reduces tension and confusion and is ideal for use in depression, hectic daily lifestyles and states of fear, stress, nervous exhaustion, chronic illness and anxiety.

Chronic chest infections, sore throats and dry coughs as well as bronchitis and asthma can benefit greatly from this oil, as well as cystitis and bladder infections, also helpful with sexual problems such as frigidity and impotence.

On the skin, amyris oil relieves itching and inflammation of the skin, and is most effective in relieving dehydrated skin – making it great for anti-ageing skincare – and the astringent action has a great toning effect and is also used with great results in oily skin conditions and to prevent the skin from forming ugly scars and for fighting dry eczema.

Nausea, vomiting:
Mix in a carrier oil and gently massage the stomach, or inhale.

Stress, tension:
Inhale, use in the bath or in a burner. Can aid sleep.

Dry cough:
Inhale, mix in a carrier oil and massage into the chest and throat.

Itchy, dry skin:
Add to your bath, or use mixed in a carrier oil. (Avocado or wheatgerm oils are very nourishing)

Analytical quality control:
➔ GCMS analysis – Amyris oil, Haiti

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