Tangerine oil

Recommended for mature, oily and acne prone skin care, as remedy for prevention of comedones and against stretch marks of the skin.

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Ingredients: citrus reticulata oil (100% pure organic tangerine essential oil).

Origin: Brazil.

Essential oil quality certificates: COSMOS APPROVED Ecocert raw materials (organic and natural cosmetics), IFS 6.0 (food quality and safety), GMP + B1 (animal feed safety), FSSC 22000 (food safety), MyClimate (100% sustainable, climate-neutral production process).

Method of extraction: the essential oil extracted by cold pressing of the fresh peels of the tangerine fruits of Citrus reticulata x C. Sinensis hybrid.

Aroma: gentle, sweet, citrus with a floral note.

Mandarin oil is one of the favorites due to its fresh, bitter citrus peel aroma. It is one of the most delicious aromas for home.

Tangerine essential oil is effective against Propionibacterium acnes and is used in cosmetics as remedy against acne [1]. It prevents the comedones formation and useful for oily skin [2].

Tangerine oil helps reduce the visibility of scars and is used in remedies against stretch marks. It is popular ingredient in cosmetics to protect the skin against the formation of stretch marks caused by changes of body weight or excessive exertion of sports [3]. Perfect massage oil can be prepared with using avocado oil as a base for reducing of wrinkles and for mature skin care. Also it is good preventive measure against stretch marks during pregnancy.

✓ for face and hair care – mix 3-5 drops of essential oil with 15 g of base (almond, grape seeds or other carrier oil)
✓ for massage oil – mix 5-6 drops of essential oil with 10 g of base
✓ for anti-wrinkle oil – mix 7 drops of essential oil with 10 ml of avocado oil
✓ for bath – mix 3-5 drops of essential oil with 1 tablespoon of milk, honey or sea salt, add to warm water and allow dissolve. Soak in the tub for 10-15 min.
✓ essential oils can be diffused throughout your home using an oil diffuser or vaporizer

Contraindications: Do not use in case of individual intolerance and for sensitive skin care. It should be diluted before applying to your skin. It can cause allergic skin reactions so be sure to do a patch test before applying it topically.

Analytical quality control:

Quality control Tangerine essential oil (GCMS analysis)
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