Burdock oil

It is amazing for hair restoration, nourishes and strengthens hair, reduces hair loss. Helps against dandruff.


Ingredients : Arctium lappa root extract / helianthus annuus seed oil (100% pure organic burdock root infused in sunflower oil).

Origin: United Kingdom.

Burdock oil is obtained by extraction with sunflower oil from the roots of the greater burdock Arctium lappa.

Burdock is a medicinal plant. It was mentioned in manuscripts about 3000 years ago [1], but most of the unique active ingredients of this plant was extracted and described only in the last couple of decades.

Burdock root oil has a positive effect on irritated and acne prone skin, soothes, reduces redness and promotes healing of damaged skin [2]. It is recommended use this oil with care for sensitive skin.

The most popular cosmetic use of burdock root oil is for hair care. Burdock oil will help restore beautiful and strong hair. Masks with this oil helps nourish the hair roots, strengthen their structure, reduce hair loss. Burdock roots contain substances that stop the spread of Propioni bacterium , which can lead to acne and some fungal skin damage, so this oil still helps get rid of dandruff [3].

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