Easy breathe

Scent of fresh, light eucalyptus and coniferous forest with a note of camphor. Suitable for purifying the air at home or in the office during the cold season or even in the event of illness.


This mixture is made only from essential oils and is distinguished by its composition – a lot of oils that make breathing easier. This aromatherapy mixture is worth having at home in the early spring or autumn and in the winter, and you will definitely appreciate it in case of cough or runny nose. Can be used whenever you want clean, fresh air.

It is possible not only to use in an diffuser, but also to put in a bath (premixed with salt, 5-7 drops in 2 tablespoons of salt).

How to use?
Add 4-7 drops (per 15 m2) of essential oils blend to the water tank of the diffuser, turn on and enjoy the aroma. Pure essential oils blend can be added to the nebulizer.

Ingredients: pinus sylvestris leaf oil (pine needle oil), eucalyptus globulus leaf oil (eucalyptus oil), mentha arvensis leaf oil (wild mint oil), abies sibirica needle oil (siberian fir needle oil), cinnamomum camphora wood oil (camphor tree oil), rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil (rosemary oil), salvia lavandulifolia herb oil (Spanish sage oil).

You can also try our pure essential oils for home flavoring, which are also suitable for diffusers.

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