Kiwi seed oil

Extremely rich in Omega-3 acids. Used for the care of combination, oily and problematic skin with clogged and enlarged pores, and in case of dry and mature skin – to restore skin hydration and reduce wrinkles.

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Ingredients : actinidia chinensis seed oil (100% pure cold pressed kiwi seed oil).

Origin: Argentina.

Method of extraction: kiwi seed oil is obtained by cold pressing from Chinese actinidia (golden kiwi) Actinidia chinensis fruit seeds.

Kiwi seed oil attracts more and more attention due to its unique chemical composition. Many skin problems are associated with a deficiency of essential fatty acids (such as linoleic, α-linolenic (omega-3), and γ-linolenic (omega-6)), which causes the skin to turn red, flaky, dry, and sensitive to any effects. These acids are a component of our skin’s lipids that provide the skin’s normal protective functions, integrity and moisture-retaining properties. One of the richest sources of these acids is kiwi seed oil, which contains 3 times more omega-3 acids than fish oil or hemp oil, 2 times more than sea buckthorn oil and even more than flaxseed oil, which is famous for its omega-3 composition.

Kiwi seed oil is ideal for the care of acne, scaly, irritated skin. Suitable for acne, dermatitis or psoriasis to improve skin condition [1]. This oil removes skin flaking and redness [2], helps to reduce the formation of comedones and acne.
Kiwi seed oil is a good remedy after sunbathing, as it will help soothe the skin and eliminate redness.

Kiwi seed oil is recommended to restore the skin’s moisture-retaining properties to dry skin, especially if the dryness of the skin is caused by other cosmetics. Kiwi seed oil improves skin elasticity.

Kiwi seed oil is also perfect for mature skin, as it not only helps to cover the lack of essential fatty acids, but also stimulates cell renewal and rejuvenates the skin. Used regularly, it helps to even out skin color and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Applications with this oil especially recommended for the skin care around the eyes and lips.

Kiwi seed oil is used for hair care, giving them smoothness, softness and shine.

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