Palm Oil

First-aid for flaky and extremely dry skin. Improves skin hydration, softens. Effective after using of peeling or in case of increased sensitivity to sunlight. Nourishing oil for normal and dry hair, protects hair from dehydration and improves its color when used before coloring.

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Ingredients: elaeis guineensis oil (100% pure unhydrogenated palm oil).
Origin: Malaysia.
Method of extraction: palm oil is extracted from the Oil palm Elais guineensis fruits by cold pressing. High quality cosmetic grade refined oil of natural composition, unhydrogenated. The palm oil is sustainable and the raw materials are grown protecting the rainforests. It is yellow in color and has a soft solid consistency. It has weak taste and aroma reminiscing of nuts.

Palm oil contains more than 50% of triglycerides of saturated fatty acids (mainly palmitic acid), which unlike unsaturated ones, perfectly moisturize the skin by occlusion type – they mixes with the skin lipids of the stratum corneum and reduces water evaporation from the skin surface. They do not penetrate deeply and act only on the surface of the stratum corneum, rapidly increase the amount of water taking it from the deeper layers of skin cells.

In which case is proper hydration by occlusion type? When the skin needs immediate help to remove dryness, itching, in case of eczema, psoriasis, cracked skin. This moisturizing method is used after the use of intensive exfoliation, when damaged skin needs urgent help to restore proper hydration, also for children’s skin care against diapers dermatitis and to enhance the effect of other moisturizers. Occlusal moisturizers should not be used for regular daily care unless they are particularly needed.

Palm oil quickly removes dryness and flaking of the skin, is a natural “conditioner” of the skin, perfectly softens it, protects the skin from water loss. This oil is used for hand and foot care, softening hardened skin areas, strengthening nails, protection against breakage.

Palm oil is rich in natural antioxidants – vitamin E and carotenoids (vitamin A precursors), which have the ability to reduce inflammation and protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. This oil contains ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), which is very important for the regeneration of our skin cells, reducing the risk of pigment spots. Based on researches, up to 80% of these substances are retained during refining, making cosmetic palm oil ideal for skin care and protection after exfoliation, or as a base for blending with essential oils which can increase sensitivity to sunlight (citrus or ginger oil).

Palm oil is widely used for hair care. Masks before washing for normal and dry hair protect the hair from damage and dehydration, especially using hair styling devices or making a hair coloring procedure to improve color.

Palm oil can be used for applications, masks, smearings in pure form, composed in blends with other oils, as carrier oil for making compositions with natural essential oils, for preparing massage and cosmetic blends, for enrichment ready cosmetic preparations: creams, masks, shampoos, balsams.

Recommendations for use: palm oil melts easily at a temperature of 30-34 ° C, so before use you can warm a piece of oil in your hands or place the whole jar in hot water for a few minutes until the oil get a liquid consistency. We do not recommend placing it into the microwave, as the oil is easy to reheat and burn the skin (there is a metallic sticker on the jar!).

Apply few drops of oil on fingertips and rub in skin with a gentle massage motions. For aroma massage to 1 tablespoon of palm oil add 1-2 drops essential oils (according to prescription).

Enrichment cosmetic preparations
To 10 g of cream, 10 ml of tonic or lotion add 5-10 ml of palm oil. Promotes regeneration scalp and hair, recovery lipid barrier of epidermis, prevents irritation, itch and desquamation.

Masks, applications, smearings
Palm oil can be used in pure form or as blend with one of vegetable oils, in the proportion of 1:1 also in aroma blends with adding 3-5 drops of oil on 1 tablespoon of fat base oil. Apply tissues, impregnated with oil, on problem areas of the skin for 10 – 20 min.

Hand care and nails care
With pure oil or its blend with one of the carrier oils (in the proportion of 1:1) apply on hands, nails and nail wall 1-2 times a day. It is effectively for elimination redness and inflammations of hands skin, in nails fragility, for treatment fissures, protecting from premature aging. For preventive care rub hands and nails with oil after shower 3 – 4 times a day.

Hair care
Mix palm oil with hair balsam in the proportion of 1:10, apply on a hair, rub with a gentle motions and leave for 5-10 min, then wash. It’s great nutritious remedy for dry and fragile hair. Gives hair healthy look and shine.

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