Cinnamon Bark Oil

Oil’s benefit lies in its toning and calming effect on the respiratory tract, and in the easing of colds and influenza.

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Ingredients: 100% pure cinnamon bark essential oil.
INCI name: cinnamonum zeylanicum bark oil.
Origin: Sri Lanka.
Certificate: organic.
Aroma: has a warm, spicy musky smell.
Note: middle.
Precautions: caution must be exercised since the cinnamaldehyde and eugenol contained in the oil could cause irritation, especially to the mucus membranes, so this oil should be used with care. Due to the emmenagogue action of the oil, it should be avoided in pregnancy.

Our Cinnamon Bark essential oil is steam distilled from the bark of organically grown trees in Sri Lanka.

This spicy essential oil has great value in aromatherapy and it fights exhaustion and a feeling of depression and weakness. It has powerful anti-rheumatic properties, is useful in the digestive system, while fighting colds and flu as well. A wonderful addition to air cleansing blends in the winter!

The Greek word Kinnamon means tube or pipe. Cinnamon oil was used as a temple incense, while the Egyptians used it for foot massage, as well as a remedy for excessive bile. It was also used as an ingredient for mulled wines, love potions and as a sedative during birth. It was an important trade commodity between India, China and Egypt.

A large number of studies have determined the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of cinnamon bark oil. It can be used for infection of the respiratory tract, rheumatism, arthritis and general pains. It calms an exhausted feeling of depression, tones the whole body and stimulates the glandular system, thus easing period pains.

water rinsing: 2-4 drops per 200 ml of warm water;
vaporization in aroma lamp: 3-5 drops per 15 sq.m.;
massage: 3-5 drops per 10 ml of vegetable base oil;
bath: 3-4 drops per bath.

Analytical quality control:
➔ GCMS analysis – Cinnamon bark oil, Sri Lanka

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